Foreign Economic Activity

"CIProject" Co. LTD offers integrated foreign economic activity support for any business. We will help you execute a set of documents if you decide to conquer the international market.

Our services

Foreign economic relations contribute to the growth of income and investment flow of any business. They allow market members to compete with each other, but foreign economic activity requires not only large investments, but also human resources, as well as thorough knowledge of the legislation of the partner country.

"CIProject" Co. LTD provides qualified assistance in the following branches:

  • full range of services in the field of foreign economic activity;
  • organization of delivery of goods from your international partners with a full set of documents;
  • advising on drawing up documents and recordkeeping;
  • advising on customs and foreign exchange legislation;
  • optimization and reduction of transport and customs expenses;
  • legal assistance in registration from the moment of verification of the ratification agreement;
  • official translation of documents;
  • assistance in product certification;
  • analysis of competitiveness in the markets;
  • development of a set of events;
  • transaction support from the moment of signing the agreement;
  • assistance in case of problems with the court.

Service price

The cost of services of "CIProject" Co. LTD for foreign economic activity support is calculated individually according to your needs. To clarify the details, leave a request on our website, and our specialist will call you back.

We represent the interests of numerous entrepreneurs and individuals in transactions with foreign companies, international corporations and financial institutions. Therefore, we are well versed in this field and provide services at a professional level.

Our advantages

"CIProject" Co. LTD is providing professional and effective assistance to our customers in foreign markets. The implementation of this goal is facilitated by:

  • professional education of qualified experts and consultants;
  • work experience in various industries and branches;
  • communication is based on mutual trust with customers;
  • focus on an impeccable result;
  • individual approach;
  • comprehensive choice of solutions to problems in your business.

"CIProject" Co. LTD is professional foreign economic activity support for your business! To use the service, leave a request on the website or contact us by phone.